In English

Ing-Cathrin Nilsson – experienced journalist working in the media market. Editor, reporter, re-drafter, researcher

Reporter working in specialist magazines and the daily press, features, giving ideas for reports, news, portraits and chronicles. Full of ideas, inventive and prompt delivery of texts with accuracy.

Knowledge of digital photography.

Editor/project leader with a feeling for language; a good organizer keeping control of the finances and able to make your magazine, or part of it. Having many connections with capable photographers, illustrators, expert writers, proofreaders and printers.

Editor Enhancing of texts, concentrating on essentials, discovering repetitions, finding synonyms – without compromising the writers personal style. Following development of the Swedish language.

Researcher with a wide and deep general knowledge of Swedish culture. A creative and persistent detective with a back up bank of experts, statistics, search engines and other sources.

Coach writing. Writing courses appropriate for all levels based upon enjoyable exercises which will inspire the use of creative language.

Workshops for free-form.

Mentor coaching aimed towards journalistic and general writing.

Mentor at formal debates. Able to control and maintain the form and tempo of the discussion.

Other services. Reviewing the language, proofing web-sites, drafting texts for web-sites, storytelling, anniversary stories, etcetera. Would you like a ghost-writer to tell your story? If so, you can ask, but then it will cost you.


Always on top of the wave with salt and never short of humour – your guarantee of quality!